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Compex Solution is an established worldwide to authorized sourcing independent distributor of electronic components.

We provide our service and solutions to OEMs, CEMs and contract manufacturers in a large range of wide sectors.

Compex Solution is a one-stop supply chain resource which can help manufacturers tolower their cost by adding value throughout the supply chain.

Our team can desing a customer-focused strategy to create unique services and solutions to meet the needs of our customer.

We focus on quality, on time deliveries, support of any manufacturer and any parts and competitive pricing which can make us the unique source to manage our customer requirements.

We are a leading provider of supply chain and inventory solutions management services.


Compex Solution


Compex Solution


Compex Solution


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Compex Solution

Connectors & Cables

Compex Solution

RF & Microwave


Analog / Mixed Signal A/D Converters Amplifiers ASSP Comparators D/A Converters DC/DC Converter
Interface ICs Motor IC Peripherial IC Power Supply Units Protected MOSFETs Sensors SMPS & PFC ICs
Switches & MUXes Voltage References & Supervisors Voltage Regulators Digital ICs Communication IC Dynamic RAM (DRAM) Logic IC
Microcontroller Tools for Microcontroller Peripherial IC Non-volatile memory Random-Access Memory (RAM) Diodes / Rectifier Bridge Rectifier
Protection Diodes Rectifiers Power Fast Rectifiers Signal Fast Rectifiers Standard Schottky Diode Power Schottky Diode Signal Trigger Diodes
Zener Diodes Optoelectronic Components Infrared LEDs & Photodetectors Optocoupler LED LED Optics 7-Segm. + Dotmatrix LED
LED Modules LED Driver Transistors Bipolar Transistor Switch Mode IGBTs & Modules Power MOSFETs RF Transistor
Small Signal MOSFET Standard Bipolar Transistor Triacs / Thyristors Thyristors Triac

Passive Components

Capacitors Ceramic Capacitors Electric Doublelayer Caps Electrolytic Capacitors Film Capacitors Tantalum Capacitors
Inductors, Ferrites, Transformers 50Hz Transformers Ferrites HF Transformers Inductors Inductors, Ferrites, Transformers
50Hz Transformers Ferrites HF Transformers Inductors Resistors Chip Resistor
Power, Wirewound, Chassi Leaded, THT Melf Potentiometer, Trimmer SMD Resistor Array Thermistor NTC
Thermistor PTC Thinfilm Precision Resistor Varistor Timing devices & PiezoCeramics Quartz, Oscillators, RTC Resonators, Acoustics, Filters

Storage Technologies

Drives Harddrives Memorycard Module

Displays & Embedded Boards

Accessories Boards Displays Embedded Systems
Monitors Power Supplies Processors TFT

Electromechanical Components

Batteries Cable Connector Automotive Connector Circular
Connector I/O Connector Rectangular Connector SUB D Fans
Fuse Heat Foils Heatsinks Relays

Wireless Technologies

ASK/FSK modulated Bluetooth Cellular Wireless GNSS
PSK/DSSS modulated RFID/NFC Wireless Accessoiries WLAN/WiFi

TOP BRANDS Below is a partial list of our line card. As an Independent Distributor, we are not affiliated with the manufacturers of the products it sells except as expressly noted otherwise.

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